THE POORNA-SALABHASANA - Full Locust Pose, Bikram Yogasanas

Full Locust Posture really lets you spread your wings and fly, so make it happen yogis. See how high you can go!

How To Do:
1. Lie on your stomach with your arms alongside your body, palms facing up. Your forehead rests on the floor.
2. Gently lift your head.
3. Lift your head, upper torso, and arms. 
4. Lift your legs. Keep your arms parallel to the floor. You will be resting on your abdomen and lower ribs. Stay on this position for about a minute.

^ Firms muscles of the abdomen, upper arms, hips and thighs
^ Increases spinal strength and flexibility
^ Improves the function of the liver and spleen
^ Strengthens the deltoids, trapezius and triceps

Tips for Full Locust Pose:
^ Always pay careful attention to the dialogue
^ Arms should be out to the side like airplane wings
^ Contract your thigh and butt muscles and keep your legs glued together
^ Breath is key for the lift – one deep, strong inhale will help you life and feel really buoyant
^ Remember to fly like a 747 taking off!

This Asana is not as easy as it seems. As a safety guideline, listen to your body and stay within your limits. It is advisable to do this pose and other Yoga Exercises under the supervision of a Yoga instructor.



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