Urdhva Hastasana: Palm tree Posture - From Tadasana's Posture 1

Tadasana's Posture 1
In Sanskrit Palm tree is named as “Tada”. Mountain Pose or Tadasana posture is very much similar to the shape of Palm tree that is why it is also known as “Urdhva Hastasana”. It is one of the most famous and easy yoga pose to practice without facing any difficulty. It is most useful asana for making spine flexible, for increasing height and for body stretching.

There are two types of Tadasana: Urdhva Tadasana & Tiryaka Tadasana. Here we showcase some steps for how to do Tadasana and easy ways for obtaining Tadasana benefits.
Following are the steps for how to do Tadasana with proper technique and approach for obtaining its precise benefits.
  1. First of all stand straight such that your feet are in contact with each other.
  2. Now inhale and lift your heels up and raise both hands together straight up over your head as much as possible such that palms facing to each other.
  3. That is it! This is a final posture of Tadasana/Mountain Pose.
Urdhva Tadasana / Extended Mountain Pose
Urdhva Tadasana normally looks like simple Tadasana except hands position. In this Mountain Pose Tadasana fingers are inter-locked with each other and rise up over the head and stretched the entire body as much as possible such that palms are facing to each other. Now keep entire body weight on toes and stretch body & hands upward as much as comfortable.

Tiryaka Tadasana
Tiryaka Tadasana is a modified asana of Urdhva Tadasana. While stretching the hands move body on right side from waist as much as possible and after that bend towards right side one by one.

Benefits of This Pose:
  • It is useful for curing waist problems and for increasing height.
  • It is one of the best exercises for abdominal organs.
  • Tiryaka Tadasana benefits in curing spine problems & increases its flexibility.
  • Tiryaka Tadasana is most useful exercise for removing extra fats from the sides of 
  •    abdominal region.
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