The Challenging Tips for Bikram Yoga

In the month of February we are having our next all-together Challenge. You can choose between 4-for-4 (4 days a week for 4 weeks) or 30 continues days of Bikram Yoga. If you miss a day, you can double up!

Here are some tips for you from a lady who finished her 30 day challenge!

1. The more water you drink before class, the better you feel throughout the postures. Another note on water: never ever chug during class, even if you're seriously dehydrated - little sips will suffice to get you through the 90 minutes without making you nauseous.

2. Get to class 15 minutes early to secure a good spot and allow your body to relax into savasana.

3. With yogis of varying levels of expertise wobbling around you, it's important to have your own mantra for the balancing postures. For me, counting backwards slowly does the trick.

4. There will be good classes and not so strong classes, just like there will be postures you nail and others that are a work in progress - but the effort and focus makes it worthwhile.

5. Wear as few clothes as you're comfortable in, because it's really that hot, and you won't be the only one in running shorts and a sports bra.

6. The long, deep breaths in and out through your nose, though at first your last priority in class, quickly become the best way to sink further into postures.

7. Hold your stomach in throughout the class, especially on forward bends to protect your lower back.

8. Try. Even if it hurts.

9. Don't eat too much before class - a full stomach is worse than a hangover when it comes to Bikram.

10. Take a full savasana at the end of class - you've earned it.

A 30-day exercise regime isn't for everyone - it requires more mental drive than I suspected (forcing yourself out of bed on a lazy Sunday is no mean feat), but the rewards are so amazing!. I know I can handle this challenge, and now I'm wondering, what's next?


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