Tadagi Mudra - Raised Lotus

Tadagi Mudra
Starting Position: Padmasana

Concentration: on the arms and fingers

Breath: normal breathing

Repetitions: 10 times

Practice: Sit in Padmasana. >Place the fingertips on the floor beside the body. >Raise the body 10 times, holding briefly. Ensure the body weight is supported by the fingertips only. >Slowly return to the starting position.

Benefits: Dispels depression and headache. Improves digestive function. Strengthens the finger, arm, shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles. This Asana is also used in Kriya Yoga.

Caution: This Asana should not be practiced during menstruation, pregnancy or with haemorrhoids. If the Asana causes pain in the fingers, avoid its practice.

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