Standing from Squatting Pose


Standing from Squatting Pose

Standing from Squatting

Starting Position: Standing

Concentration: on the stretching of the back and the back of the legs

Breath: coordinated with the movement

Repetitions: 5 times

Practice: Stand with legs slightly apart. Go down into a squatting position and slip the hands under the soles of the feet from the inside of the legs. >Inhaling lift the head and neck into their correct alignment and straighten the back. >Exhaling straighten the knees while the hands remain under the soles of the feet. Allow the head to hang down relaxed. >Inhaling go down again into a squatting position and bring the head and neck into their correct alignment. >Practice the exercise 5 times and then return to the starting position.

Benefits: Stretches muscles of the back, calf and back of the legs and relaxes the back, neck and shoulders. Promotes mobility of the spine, knees and hips and stimulates circulation within the whole body. Has a deepening effect on the breath.

Caution: Do not practice this exercise with high blood pressure or dizziness, or if it creates pain in the knees or hips.

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