Santulanasana - Balancing Pose

Starting Position: Sit with legs straight

Concentration: on the abdominal muscles and Manipura Chakra

Breath: coordinated with the movement and held in the position

Repetitions: 3 times

Practice: Sit with legs straight and then bend the legs so the soles of the feet rest on the floor. Clasp the fingers behind the head and press the elbows backwards. The back is straight. >Inhaling tilt the upper body slightly back. Straighten both legs and lift them until the upper body and legs form a right angle. >Holding the breath remain in this position. >Exhaling return to the starting position.

Benefits: Strengthens the leg, abdominal and back muscles and regulates the nervous system. Stimulates and strengthens the digestive organs and solar plexus and Manipura Chakra. Activates the whole body, increases the flow of life energy and is therefore beneficial for depression.

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