This is Why Christianity is threat to India & Anti-National

Christianity can definitely be a Threat in the Near Future for India - So many Lower caste Hindus are being Converted by Missionaries and Evangelists for the sake of Money, Jobs, Women, Land acquisition, Changing Religion based Demography (Ex - Assam, North Eastern States of India, Goa, Kerala are some States in India where only Christians can wield Powerful positions in Politics & Governmental Institutions).

Basically, Lord Macaulay’s & Western Educational Curriculum is Against Hinduism and Hindu belief system. So if a Hindu child joins a Convent or Anglo Indian Institute for Education - She or He will be forced to Chant Christian Prayers first, they will definitely not entertain Hindu symbols like Tilak, Bindi, Bangles, Wearing Flowers and also Worshipping The Cow as a God !! Celebrating Some Hindu festivals also can be detrimental in such institutions. Christians are also actively & aggressively following “Soul Harvesting” and inducing many gullible Hindus to abandon their Original Religion and accept Foreign domination.
If you consider Hinduism or Hindus to represent India Culturally - Then Definitely Christianity & Islam are Dangerous in the future. Hindus are also not reproducing enough children to maintain our ever-changing Traditions and customs which have come under the scanner since India got Independence from The British in 1947.
The Christian missionaries who pose threat to India. Normally many believe that missionaries are threat o Hinduism because of conversions but conversions have a very bad effect on social health of a society resulting in animosity between different faiths resulting skirmishes between different faiths and diversion of govt from nation-building tasks to nation healing tasks.

There are dangerous methods employed by missionaries to first convert and then retain these converts.

For a Hindu to convert to another religion in India, it takes total life changing experience. Hindus follow a very ritualistic way of life which is ingrained into us from childhood. Conversion to another religion means adopting a totally different way of life.

Missionaries deploy various tactics go trick people into a conversion like they will try to convince upper caste South Indians that Hinduism is a religion of North Indians imposed on them is racist in nature. Dalits are instigated against Hinduism because of discrimination faced by Dalits in everyday life.

These tactics require putting hate in heart of a prospective convert to make the life-changing experience. Another trick is to help people in distress. while providing the help missionaries ensure that they convince the convert that being a Hindu the life was miserable and Hindu gods never came to their help whereas Christ came to there help.

No wonder all these first generation converts have more hate and contempt for Hinduism and Hindus.

Dalits and Tribals:
Evangelists and Jihadists have been the biggest evils India facing for 2 millenniums. Evangelists and Jihadists want to destroy Indian religions and cultures and to replace them with their Abrahamic religions and Semitic cultures.

Indian religions have to defend the visible and invisible attacks from the evil Evangelists and Jihadists.

But also need to say that there have been lots of incidents that the caste Hindus badly treating or attacking Dalits and Tribals which making these people to move towards Christianity and Islam. Dalits and Tribals are the Aboriginals of India and they are the Real Hindus. So the caste Hindus should come out of the old caste systems and work for the unity of Hindus including Dalits and Tribals; and a broader unity of Indian religionists viz Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs.

Once the person in distress is given help and over the time his condition gets better, there is a risk that person might go back to original faith because of the overwhelming presence of Hindus around. Therefore missionaries ask these converts to cut-off all ties with Hindus and socialize with Christians only. A pastor is given a list of converts to monitor the converts on weekly basis to ensure that they remain loyal to Christianity. Converts are told that Hindus worship the devil and will go to hell and Christians should have no relations with them.

These policies create a lot of schisms between new converts and Hindus. Also with rising of RSS, there is a fight for supremacy is going on. Missionaries provide tactic and financial support to Communist and Muslim radical organizations where-in communist plot and Muslim radicals execute the murders of RSS and Hindu organization members in South India.

Various converted Dalits, write hate books against Hinduism and Hindus. Their hate for Hinduism and frustration of seeing millions of Hindus result in working with break India forces. Various missionaries act as a front end for US/Europe based MNC by funding NGOs who oppose development projects which can make India a superpower. 

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