Where Hindu Temples Should Be Located Constructed According to Vedic Way?

Where Hindu Temples Should Be Located Constructed According to Vedic Way?
There are Millions of temples all over India (and also across the world considering Hindu Temples in Bangladesh and other parts too) in Various Locations, Shapes, Sizes and of Different Gods with different customs and worships. But All those Temples are Not constructed in Vedic Way Following Our Ancient Indian Hindu Temple Principles ( Following scientific reasons).

In a modern world like ours in these days, we can’t find a Most Suitable free location(without any constructions) in cities and In some cases it takes too much time for people in some locations to travel to Temples Constructed in Vedic ways(Like in Metro Cities). But out of the respect ,love and belief we started constructing temples in our neighbourhood (smaller & Bigger) depending on the Area available So that We can visit Temples Frequently and Worship God.

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Where a Temple Should Be Constructed/Located?

A Temple should be Constructed/Located in a Place Where the Earth’s Magnetic Wave Path Passes Through Densely. These Places can be anywhere. Like in the Outskirts of a City/Town/Village Or in The middle of most populated/Residential locations or on a hill top/in a cave or on a small island in the middle of a river. There is Science involved in Every Part of Our Life even in selecting the location for the construction of temple which now a days we’re neglecting for various reasons though.

The Temples are(Should be) constructed in a Place Where The Positive Energy Is abundantly available from The Magnetic and Electric Wave Distributions of North/South Pole Thrust. The Main Idol Of God is Placed In the center of this location (obviously where we construct the) Core Center of Temple Known as “Garbha Gudi”/”Garbhagriha” / “Moolasthanam”.  The Thing Most of Us Don’t Know is the Temple Structure is Build After the Idol Location is Confirmed and Placed. The Core Center of Temple is the Place where the Magnetic waves are found to be maxium. We all Know that Copper Plates inscribed with Vedic Scripts(Shlokas) will be buried Beneath The main IDOL.  They absorbs the Earth’s Magnetic Waves and Radiates It to the surroundings. Thus a Person Who Regularly Visits Temples and Walking clockwise around the Main Idol (around Garbhagruha) receives the Beamed Magnetic Waves and Her/His Body absorbs it. This is a very Slow Process. Visit the Temple Frequently will let us absorb more of this positive energy. Scientifically It is the Postive Energy we all Need to Have a Health Life.

This shows how much science is involved in our everyday life in Hindu Culture. There’s a lot of science and technology involved in ancient temples construction which not only effects on our life style but also proves how superior our ancestors are in terms of knowledge.

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