Gurkhas from India and Nepal demanding reinstating the Himalayan country as a Hindu nation

The march will end at Pashupathi Nath temple in Kathmandu on April 14.(
Gorkhas from India and Nepal will begin a walk from Haridwar till Kathmandu on Friday to mobilise public opinion for reinstating the Himalayan country as a Hindu nation.

The chief coordinator of the walk, Padam Prasad Subedi, said the campaign would commence on Friday from the banks of sacred Ganga and conclude at Pashupathi Nath temple in Kathmandu on April 14. Subedi has arrived in Haridwar with dozens of volunteers from Nepal.

“We are getting overwhelming support from both Nepal and India for this initiative that will restore Nepal’s unique identity across the globe as being a fully Hindu nation,” he said.

“Spiritual-religious gurus of India are also supporting us. Jagad Guru Shankaracharya Swami Raj Rajeshwaram Maharaj and Mahamandaleshwar Shyam Sundar Das Shastri will welcome and bless volunteers undertaking this yatra,” said Subedi.

Acharya Hari Haranand, who is mobilising Indian saints for this movement, said at the sanctum sanctorum of Braham Kund, Har-Ki-Pauri, religious rituals will be held, seeking Ganga’s blessing for “fulfilment of our objective”.

Shamsher Bahadur, Gorkha Sandesh foundation founder, said: “We are mobilising Hindus both in Nepal and India to restore the hill country as the lone Hindu nation. 82% of Nepal’s population is Hindu. If Arab countries and Pakistan can declare themselves as Muslim nations, why not Nepal as Hindu nation.”

The Himalayan nation was the world’s only Hindu monarchy until it became secular after emerging in 2006 from a civil war. Two years later it embraced democracy and abolished the 239-year-old monarchy.

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