Rudraksha Mala and its characteristics, and its function during chanting 'Om Namaha Shivaya'

Rudraksha Mala
Its fruits ripen on the tree and drop from it during winter. Then its seeds dry up. Each fruit has fifteen to sixteen seeds (that is, rudrakshas). The more the seeds, the smaller is their size and the less is their price.

Instead of using a small rudraksha alone, many small rudrakshas are strung together with one large rudraksha. A Rudraksha has a natural opening from one side to the other; it need not be created. This opening throughout its diameter is known as vahini ( A channel ). Rudraksha is reddish in colour, with yellow stripes and is flat like a fish. On one side it has an open mouth. A rudraksha having more than 10 openings is called a Maharudra.

Special characteristics of Rudraksha :
Rudraksha takes the radiance from the atmosphere and converts it into oil. If we chant ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ sitting under a rudraksha tree, fragrant oil will emanate from a rudraksha for 24 hours. This oil will spill out if we blow into the hollow of the rudraksha. The oil of rudraksha has a pleasant odour. This oil is extracted from its tree too. Once the rudraksha is made effective, it emits air instead of oil.

The function of Rudraksha :
A. Transformation of sound waves and light waves
The rudraksha transforms light waves of Deities in the universe into sound waves of the human body and vice versa. As a result, man can absorb waves of Deities and human thoughts can get converted into the language of the Deities.

B. Absorbtion of sama ( Sattva (note) ) waves
The rudraksha absorbs sama ( Sattva (note) ) waves. Similarly, sama waves are emitted by its crests. A real rudraksha can be recognised by the vibrations felt upon holding it. At that time, the body absorbs the sama waves emitted by the rudraksha. If a rudraksha is held between the thumb and the ring finger, vibrations will be felt anywhere in the body. Even if kept nearby, the effect of a rudraksha is felt up to half an hour. Thus, during that period we are able to perceive vibrations even if any other object is held with the fingers. However, if the hands are washed with water, the vibrations cannot be perceived.

C. Rudraksha-mala can be used for chanting the Name of any Deity
Any Deity’s Name can be chanted by holding a rudraksha.

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