Vatayanasana - Horse Face Yoga Pose

“Vat” means arthritis and this yoga is extremely beneficial in arthritis and other knee problems.

Horse Pose (Vatayanasana) 

How to perform the Horse Pose (Vatayanasana):
  1. Start the asana with standing straight and fold the left leg from the knee joint placing the heel at the groin and toes at the base of right thigh.
  2. Now fold the right leg so that the left knees touch the ground, means standing on right foot and left knee.
  3. Put your both hand in namaskara position by touching both palms, hands may or may not be coiled. Hold the posture for 30 to 60 seconds and then return to normal position. - Now repeat the same procedure for the other side too.
Benefits :
  • Vatayanasana (Horse Pose) helps keep celibacy. 
  • Vatayanasana (Horse Pose) also helps to cure diabetes and strengthens the calves, knees, waist, spine and neck.
Durations/Repetitions of the Horse Pose (Vatayanasana):

Hold Vatayanasana (Horse Pose) for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat twice on both sides.

Difficulty Level and Advancement of the Horse Pose (Vatayanasana): 

Vatayanasana (Horse Pose) is a difficulty level 6asana recommended for intermediate yoga practitioner.



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