Varun mudra - Jal Vardhak

Jal Vardhak - Varun mudra
Popularly known as Varun mudra, this mudra increases the jal (water) element within the body.

Method .-This mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb and the little finger.

Effects : Jal-vardhak (Varun) mudra increases the Jal (water) element within the body.Almost seventy per cent of the body is water. Thus, water is the most abundant element in the body, being present in the protoplasm of cells, extra-cellular fluid, lymph, blood, tears, saliva, mucous, digestive juices, enzymes, hormones, semen, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), etc. A deficiency of water in the body would result in dehydration of tissues. Performance of Jal-vardhak mudra increases the water-content of the body by suitably affecting the water-metabolism. Thus, it helps to rehydrate cells, tissues, muscles, skin, joint-cartilage, etc. The element water is also associated with tongue and taste. Therefore, this mudra can be used to overcome disorders like loss of taste-sense, dryness of mouth, etc. Water is also a component of two bodily humors: Pitta and Kapha. Practice of Jal-vardhak mudra increases these humors. People with a pronounced Pitta + Kapha constitution should perform this mudra in moderation. On the other hand, people with a Vaata constitution (dosha) can derive immense benefits from the practice of this mudra.

Benefits of Jal-vardhak (Varun) mudra : 
> Dryness of eyes 
> Dryness of the digestive tract (mouth, throat and intestines)
> Indigestion
> Constipation 
> Dryness of the skin leading to cracks, dry eczema, psoriasis, etc.
> Degeneration of joint-cartilage, Osteo-Arthritis
> Anaemia
> Cramps, dehydration
> Deficiency of hormones,
> Scanty urination (oliguria)
> Scanty semen (oligospermia)
> Scanty menses (oligomenorrhoea),
> Loss of taste sensation, tongue-disorders
> Disorders of Vaata-excess (see Vaayu-shaamak mudra)

Duration : 45 minutes every day, either at one stretch or in 3 parts (i.e., for 15 minutes, thrice a day).
Precaution : People having water-retention in their bodies or people with a Pitta + Kapha constitution should perform this mudra moderately, if at all.


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