Agnivesha - Vedic Saint

Agnivesha was also one of the earliest writers on. Ancient folklores lace the chronicle of his birth account which is still shrouded in mystery. Legends and myths in regard to his  birth associate his descent to "Agni".  Believed to have lived in 500 BC - 1000 BC, Agnivesha redefined the concept of medicinal practice in India.

Sage Agnivesha is still reckoned as one of the earliest writers on the traditional and ancient medicinal system of India -Ayurveda. In accord to the annals of "Caraka Samhita", Ayurveda was first taught by Indra to Suryadeva. Suryadeva, with the greater objective to propagate it passed it in to Sage "Atreya Punarvasu"  who later passed it on to his  six disciples and Agnivesha was one amongst them.

Sage Agnivesha penned down the treaties of Ayurveda and the remarkable work was known as "Agnivesha Samhita". Later his disciple "Caraka" based on this work wrote the Caraka Samhita, which is indeed a remarkable creation in the history of Ayurveda.

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