Vajrasana: Thunderbolt Pose or Zen Pose

Vajrasana [vah-jras-anna]
vajra = thunderbolt

Steps :
1. Slowly kneel onto a mat or blanket.

2. Release your toes out from underneath and onto the floor sending expansion into the tops of your ankles.

3. Rest your buttocks onto the soles of your feet and allow your heels to separate until they touch the sides of your hips.

4. Place your palms down onto your knees as the arms drape.

5. Observe how your head and spine can naturally balance over the pelvis. If the lower back is arching forward, draw your tailbone slightly under and move the front, bottom ribs slightly down and in.

6. Sit tall with stillness as you relax your eyes and mind. Breathe slow and normal for as long as the knees and ankles feel comfortable

7. To exit, slowly lean forward and place your hands on the mat. Sit to one side to bring legs forward. Straightened and shake the legs well.

> Improves and aids in your digestion.
> Conditions pelvic muscles and brings awareness to your posture.
> Aids in good posture for meditation and centering.
> An alternative posture for mediation and centering.

> If the pose is too deep for the knees, place a thick, firm pillow or a folded blanket between the buttocks and heels to decrease how far the hips come down onto the feet.
> Place a thin cushion or rolled up towel under ankles if the stretch is too deep for the ankle joint or if the foot muscles are cramping.

> Knee injuries or problems with cartilage or ligament tears
> Ankle problems


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