Parsva Bakasana,Side Crane Yoga Pose

Parsva Bakasana 

Benefits of practicing Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana):

- Strengthening the arms and wrists
- Improving balance
- Toning the belly and spine
- Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

Instructions to do proper Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana):
> Come into gentle squats; heels up with the palms on the either side of feet
> Twist torso to the right
> Press the palms on the floor perpendicular on to your thigh
> Shift weight to palms
> Soften the elbows
> Rest the outside of right thigh on left triceps
> Squeeze the inner thigh together
> Draw your weight to palms & squeeze the abs
> When you are ready; slowly lift the feet off the ground
> Mintain the 90 degrees angle on your arms & fins one spot for your eye gaze to balance
> Keep the core & spine engaged
> Hold for 5-7 breaths
> Slowly release back to squats
> Repeat to the other side

Variations of doing Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana):
To increase intensity:
Extending both legs to side on the air (see the picture)

A guidance video for doing a proper Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

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Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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