Balasana,Child Yoga Pose

Balasana - Child Yoga Pose
Child's pose or balasana is a bend, which stretches and releases the spine and lower back. You can use this pose as a warm-up pose, a resting pose or a counter pose for a back bend. You should experience your spine lengthening when you drop the weight of your hips to your heels and relax your head to the floor. Breathe evenly throughout the pose and imagine your body relaxing with each breath. Extend your arms forward instead of keeping them next to you to stretch the shoulders. Place your forehead on the on your folded arms to reduce the pressure on the forehead or to enable your forehead to touch the floor. This pose is very comfortable and safe for all except for the people with knee problems or high blood pressure. Keeping a bolster between the knees to keep place upper body, arms and head will make the pose more comfortable and helps pregnant or obese people. Placing a thick blanket between the heels and buttocks and sitting on it will help you to sit, while reducing the strain on knees and hips.

How it is to be done - sitting.
Suitable for - Everybody.
Steps - Actual procedure for that asana.

Start with table pose.
Maintaining the position of the hands, exhale while you sit back on your heels and rest your upper body on the thighs.
Keep your forehead on the floor.
Place your arms next to you with hands adjacent to feet and palms facing up.
Exhale when you release the hips to the heels and feel your spine lengthening.
Remain in this pose for up to 2 minutes.
Release the pose by inhaling when pressing the hands into the floor to lift yourself to seated position.

Here Child's Pose aka balasana illustrated picture. Childs pose stretches and releases the spine and lower back. Benefits to body parts - Stretches and relaxes spine and lower back.
Benefits to body parts - Stretches and relaxes spine and lower back.
Precautions - Knee or high blood pressure problem.


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Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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