Surya Namaskar

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a sequence of poses that flow from one pose to another. Sun Salutation sequences are part of Vinyasa style yoga and are used for warming up the body for more vigorous poses and flows. The Sun Salutation sequence is repeated a few times and can include some variations. Below is one Sun Salutation Sequence.

Sun Salutation ~ Surya Namaskar A
1. Start in Mountain Pose.
2. Inhale your arms up to Upward Salute in Mountain Pose.
3. Exhale as you swan dive down or bring hands down through your heart until your fingers and palms touch  the floor to Forward Bend. Place hands on both sides of the feet or place them behind your shins.
4. Inhale up to Halfway Forward Fold, flat back and finger tips touching the floor.
5. Exhale placing palms flat on the floor and stepping back or jumping back to Plank pose and continuing through Chaturanga to Upward Dog.
6. Inhale to Downward Dog.
7. Exhale in Downward Dog.
8. Inhale step or jump your feet so that they are placed between your hands.
9. Exhale to Uttanasana – Forward bend.
10. Inhale to Upward Salute in Mountain pose.
11. Exhale to Standing Backbend.
12. Inhale Back to Upward Salute in Mountain pose.
13. Exhale as you swan dive hinging from your hips to Forward fold.

Repeat a few times. Depending on duration and format of a yoga class the sequence may be repeated 4-6 times or so.

Sometimes the first couple of rounds of Sun Salutations are done at a slower pace with more exhales and inhales. You can take 1-2 extra breaths at Downward dog and Forward Fold before continuing with the next poses in the sequence.

> If your hamstrings are tight bend your knees when doing Forward Fold.
> Make sure your back is flat on Halfway Lift.

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