Ardha Padmasana - Half Lotus Pose

Ardha Padmasana
Popularly known as ardha padmasana, this pose stretches and opens hips. It is very useful for meditation as well as breathing exercises. You can precede this pose by Rock the Baby pose. You can place a blanket under your knee for support. Use caution with this pose if you have knee or hip problems.
How it is to be done - sitting.
Suitable for - Everybody.

Steps - Actual procedure for that asana.
1. Perform staff pose.
2. Bending your right leg, position your right foot on the left thigh, at the closest distance from your hip.
3. Bend your left leg and slide the left foot under the right leg.
4. Place your palms on the thighs.
5. Exhale when pressing the sitting bones in the floor and pointing the crown of the head to the ceiling.
6. Remain in this pose from 5 seconds upto 1 minute or till you start feeling uncomfortable before returning to staff pose.
7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the other side. Shake out your legs to relieve your knees and ankles.
Lotus Pose, Padmasana, Half Lotus Pose, Full Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose or Padmasana here shown in Picture . It has another two variations Half Lotus pose and Full Lotus Pose. It is very useful for meditation as well as breathing exercises.
Benefits to body parts - Stretches and open hips.
Other benefits - Helps meditation and breathing exercises.
Precautions - Knee or hip problems.


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