The position of the Manipūra Chakra is in the middle of the abdomen behind the navel; this is why it is also known as the Navel Centre. More precisely speaking, its area of influence radiates out about 7cm above and below the navel. Its counterpart in the body is the Solar Plexus. The Manipūra Chakra is the “City of Jewels” in which we find the pearls of clarity, wisdom, self-confidence and wellbeing. Their lustre radiates down to the lower Chakras as well as up to the Heart Centre (Anāhata Chakra). The feelings of love and happiness that we feel in our heart actually originate in the Manipūra Chakra and rise from there to the Anāhata Chakra. The positive radiance emanating from the Manipūra Chakra also purifies the Svādhishthāna and Mūlādhāra Chakras and their qualities.

Position within the bodyOn the spinal column, level with the navel
ColourYELLOW/ORANGE = fire, energy
TattvaFIRE (TEJAS) – Digestive fire, purification
LotusTEN PETALS – symbol for the 10 Prānas
AnimalRAM – power, activity
DivinityVISHNU – human consciousness, evolution, fire
LAKSHMI – prosperity and happiness (as opposed to the deception of Māyā)
SymbolsINVERTED TRIANGLE – awakening, unfolding
Qualities and AspectsHuman consciousness
Meeting point of Prāna and Apāna
Distribution of nourishment in the body
Seat of words
positive: Clarity, self-confidence, wellbeing, self-esteem
negative: Burning of the nectar from the Bindu Chakra
PrānaSAMĀNA – distribution of nourishment
PlaneSVARLOKA – heavenly/celestial plane
PrincipleBUDDHI – judgement/Principle BRAHMĀ
Precious StoneRUBY
CharacteristicSHOKA – sorrow, grief
SensationKSHUDHĀ – hunger
Sense OrganCHAKSHU – Eyes/Principle SŪRYA, sight, visualisation
FeatureRŪPA – form
QualityUTKRAMANA – burning
Part of the BodyPADA - Feet/Principle UPENDRA – walking, movement
OrganNĀDĪ – nerves
SecretionRAKTA – blood

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Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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