Mount Kailash - The Unclimbed Peak

Mount Kailash - The Unclimbed Peak

I was randomly watching YouTube videos and saw one about Mount Kailash, then I spend my whole day reading articles and YouTube videos about Mount Kailash. 

Anyone knowing about Hinduism knows about Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh/Shankar as The Generator, Operator, and Destroyer, also known as GOD. Even though we mention the number of Indian Gods and Goddess as 33 Koti (which means types in Sanskrit and not Crores). Mount Kailash is the home to Lord Shiva as-built and gifted by King Himalaya, his father-in-law, in Hindu Mythology. It’s said that Lord Shankar / Mahadev is residing in this shrine ever since with his beloved wife Goddess Parvati.
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

The location of Mount Kailash is very remote from human civilization and yet is equally and significantly described in Hindu Mythology with accuracy. How this was possible with just an act of Fiction and imaginary myths. The lake described Mansarovar, the lake of life, and its mirror lake, Merit lake or Rakshas Jheel, the lake of death. Both located in the proximity of Mount Kailash with hardly km of land dividing them has the biggest mystery. One is a freshwater lake, which is circular representing SUN, and the other is the saltwater crescentic-shaped lake representing the MOON. (the Good and Devil, Life and Death ). People say that Mount Kailash stands as the balance between the two and symbolizes that we have both sides between us, and there isn’t any evil external to us; we are the evil.

As I quoted earlier, Mount Kailash was gifted to Lord Shiva by King Himalayan, Mount Kailash is now discussed as the biggest HUMAN-made Pyramid (yet to be proved). If this is true, then the Hindu mythology about Lord Shiva is also true and everything about Mount Kailash hence is spiritual. All the pyramids are related and viewed as interlink with another dimension, after life world, heavens. Mount Kailash could be the gateway to another world. Humans were there even before known civilizations to us which we read today. If this is a pyramid, it could be linked to all civilizations being started with one. Hinduism is regarded as the oldest religion. 
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is sacred not only in ONE religion but FOUR

  1. Hinduism
  2. Jainism
  3. Buddhism
  4. Bon
How could some myth of one religion be equally and highly valued in other religions too? Lord Shankar / Mahadev / Bhole Nath is regarded as the ADIYOGI, the greatest YOGI in universal acceptable terms. He is the supreme of God in HINDUISM and one of the THREE deity. IF this ADIYOGI term can be accepted, then it can be said with certainty that he was supreme of that time and had influential power over the region. This way he could have influenced the followers of other religions or later those followers developed different religions. This too proves Mount Kailash is spiritual and the existence of Lord Shiva - THE PAR BRAHMA PARATMA . 
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash in OM Symbol 

Mount Kailasa is also considered to be the center of the universe

  • The origin of four major rivers divides the Indian sub-continent into four quadrants and made life possible. Its pyramidal shape adds more to the oblivion and mystery. More importantly, our earth is said to be living and like every living thing, she has kundalini powers, which run from her core to the crust at different points/locations. 
  • Mount Kailasa is said to be at the kundalini axis of the earth as well. That's why it has thrived as the center of knowledge. A huge library, from where you can take only a portion of it but never the whole.
  • It is said that time moves fast on Mount Kailash. It is said that the time that humans take to age 2 weeks takes only 12 hours on the mountain. 
  • When the sun sets and shadows start casting on the mountain, the shadows form the shape of ‘swastika’.
  • Om Parvat is one of the mysterious, yet fascinating, things in the mountain. Snow falls in the shape of OM / ॐ. If you don’t know, Om or Aum is the vibration of the Universe. It is close to Kailash Parvat.
  • There are large amounts of pilgrims going to Kailash every year. Their main aim is to walk a so-called kora, which is a circumnavigation of any object considered sacred. It can be a rock, a shrine, a mountain, or even a whole mountain range.
  • A turnaround Kailash is supposed to be one of the most important ones a Buddhist can do and it said you'll be granted nirvana if you walk 108 times around the peak. It's quite an achievement if you do it, as the kora is 53 km long. Further, the Parikrama (circling the holy mountain on foot) itself needs good fitness levels. 
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

Here there are again 2 Parikramas.

  1. OUTER PARIKRAMA: This is what usually many visitors do. Circling the Mountain on foot. This usually takes 3 days to 5 days depending on fitness levels and obstacles on the way. The weather will be very unpredictable. Walking fast is difficult due to low oxygen levels. 
  2. INNER PARIKRAMA: Those who complete outer Parikrama may go for an inner Parikrama (very very few people). Some people say that this cannot be done without the help of “Sherpas”, the Nepali tribe that can survive under extreme climatic conditions. Getting food is another challenge as they have to carry material sufficient for at least 1 week to 10 days. Heard that every year only a few tens of people go for inner Parikrama. Extreme fitness and mountaineering skills are required to survive this. Legend says those who complete the inner Parikrama can have a darshan of ‘Atma Linga’ and Nandi there.
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

Now to the question of why Mount Kailash is unscalable? 


  • Mount Kailash is very important to Hindus and other religions too. Being the home of Dev-aadi-dev Mahadev, his message is not to ascend, his followers won’t ascend and won’t allow others to ascend. It’s the same for the people following Buddhism, Bon, and Jainism.
  • As it quoted, only the person devoid of sin can do so, or a person with a clear heart. Also, it's said that the person with a clear heart, need not ascend physically but he will eventually turn into a bird and ascend the top. This might be sarcasm with deep meaning. This might mean, people with clear hearts, without sin, whom we call, Yogi, might be enlightened enough to see this meaning and travel to the next dimension or next world and might necessarily not mean to ascend physically.


  • It’s located in Tibet, an autonomous region of China. China once gave permission to climb it but received global criticism for giving permission and hurting the sentiment of people who regard Mt. Kailash as sacred. China does not want any bad words from the globe, especially about geopolitical topics.


  • I am not a mountaineer but what I read about Mount Kailash is that it is technically very hard to ascend. The steep slope makes it hard to ascend.
  • Changing climatic conditions.


  • Fear is the greatest reason and fear of death might be an obstacle. Also the sins of stepping foot in Mount Kailash not only in this life but also in the afterlife.
  • There are other expeditions that are far more challenging and adventurous to climb. Mt. Annapurna for Example in Nepal, Kanchanjunga. There are many more. This region and visitors are under surveillance and any authorized ascend is nearly impossible. After the Ban from the Chinese government to ascend Mount Kailash, it was even impossible to attempt to climb.

I would like to quote a few paragraphs from the previous reply about Mount Kailash under the same question:
  • Colonel Wilson, one of the many mountaineers who tried to climb the summit of Mount Kailash explained, “Just when I discovered an easy walk to the summit of the mountain, heavy snow began to fall, making the ascent impossible.
  • Sergei Cistiakov, a Russian climber gives an explanation for not being able to finish the summit which will stun you – “When we approached the foot of the mountain, my heart was pounding. I was in front of the sacred mountain, Mount which says it cannot be beaten. I felt extremely emaciated and suddenly I became captivated by the thought that I do not belong on this mountain, it must necessarily come back! As soon as we started the descent, I felt liberated."
  • Mountaineer Reinhold Messner aptly said, “If we conquer this mountain, then we conquer something in people’s souls.” 
And I respect what they said.  - Koteshwar Chowdary

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