Diya/Deepam burning for 550 years in this temple at Madhya Pradesh

Diya/Deepam in Sri Aai Ji Mata temple (MP) has been burning continuously for the last 550 years. Devotees save it from both climate extremities & Hinduism hating miscreants. Drops from the Diya is considered medicine for eye diseases.

India is a country known for mysterious and centuries-old temples. Many miraculous things have been witnessed in many temples.

In another such miracle, a diya has been burning continuously for the last 550 years inside the Shri Aai Ji Mata temple. The temple is situated at Alheda, just 1km away from Manasa town in Madhya Pradesh.

Interestingly, the diya has never blown up. It is also burning, despite lightning, rain and other natural disasters. Local devotees save it from people who try to blow it up.

A kind of drop falls from the diya which devotees accept as ‘prasad’. It is believed that the drop is used for diseases related to eyes.

Anyone suffering from eye disease gets treated after applying the drops, devotees say. Hundreds of devotees throng on a daily basis to the temple to worship the goddess. __OP

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