HINDUISM (Sanatan Dharma) : Still The Largest And Oldest Religion of World But With Different Names

(A pic of MECCA)
(A pic of MECCA)

Whenever a debate start on the name of religion, various principles are circulated on the basis of the rule books written by the founders of various religions. But, there is a religion which circulate its ideology from a specific rule book which don,t have a author. Interestingly, among all the religions of the world, only Hinduism is a religion of its unique type with no founder. Hinduism has been called as the oldest religion of the world, and some scholar refer it as Sanatana Dharma or eternal way beyond human origins. But if someone claims it to be the oldest as well as the first religion of the world, then today why their is only a small chunk of population following this religion and why its presence is limited only to countries like India and Nepal. Through this column, i don,t aim to harm the sentiments of any religion but i am only writing this to bring out some unknown facts, which i have accumulated during my research on the topic. 
    In today,s scenario, the Christianity is the largest population of the world with 31% of the world,s population and Islam the distinct second with 23% of the world,s population. But let me take you to some of the brainstorming evidences which shows that Hinduism is still the largest population of the world and the rituals of Hinduism are followed today also, but with different names across the world. In Islam, it is believed that prophet Muhammad  is the central figure of Islam and widely identified as its founder and was said to start Islam from Arab. Lacks of prophet followers every year visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia which is considered as the holy place of Muslims. But, if you see the various archaeological surveys and historical evidences, it reveals some stunning facts. It says that Arab was under the reigns or kingship of Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya love for lord shiva is well known. Hence, he built a shivalingam at Makkeshwara(now called as Mecca). In fact the name Arab is a derivative of Sanskrit word "ARAV", which means  horses. Hence, Arab is known as land of horses.
(old pic of mecca which looks like shivlinga)
(old pic of mecca which looks like shivlinga)

There are enough evidences which also indicate that prophet uncle was an ardent follower of Lord Shiva and he wrote a famous Arabic poem in praise of lord Shiva, which can be seen in Sair-Ul-okul.
The language of Arab was Sanskrit, many Arabic words have Sanskrit origin. Some poems has been written which mentions Hindu rule in the area and also mention famous king like Vikramadiya. Various archaeological finding suggest that Kabba was a Hindu shrine  that was captured by the followers of prophet which resulted in breaking down of 365 Hindu idols. The black stone which is a symbol of Lord Shiva is found in Kabba. The name of the holiest Muslim cities mecca and Medina come from sanskrit words Makha-Medini which means land of fire-workship. Since, Muhammad copied many things fro Hinduism and made it opposite but still "saptparikrama" which has its origin in Hinduism is followed in Mecca. 


Islam Universal Symbol-The MOON :
" Muslim were follower of Shiva and hence worshipers of the moon. The universal symbol of Islam come from the Hindu symbol "OM", where the moon is visible."

The word ALLAH is derived from Arabic roots AL(meaning moon) and ILLAHA(GOD). This, muslim worship the moon GOD, which is associated to lord Shiva.

The word "NAMAAZ" is derived from Sanskrit word "NAMAH"(TO BOW") and "YAJA"(worshiping). Muhammad used the word namaz to describe his prescribe method of prayer. Namaz five times a day come from vedic ritual panchamahayagna (five daily workship).

Even today Muslims follow the old age custom of Brahman. Brahman wore white Dhoti and Chadar and shave their heads before havan, pujan, etc. The same ritual is still followed in Mecca. In islam, there is no tradition of praying to idols but in Mecca they do so. There is no match between the ritual of Mecca and in other mosque.
    Many hindus refer Mecca as Makkeshwara Mahadev  and pray it as shivalingam. The Hindu sacred book Bhavishya puran also states in his one para that one day a Person name MUHAMMAD will come and do all opposite of what we did in Hinduism. This was predicted much before the advent of  prophet Muhammad. So, based on the above facts, i cannot totally deny that atleast the whole west Asia and Arabia had strong links to Hindu culture, which were later snubbed by the later Muslim rulers. So, i can say that the rituals of Hinduism are still followed in the world but with different identity. The world oldest Hindu temple is surprisingly is not in Inida, it is in Cambodia.   Once again, my intention behind writing this column was not to hurt any sentiments of any religion but only to bring out truth in front of everyone. That,s the reason behind my statement that Hinduism is still practiced across the world with same rituals in all religions, specially in Islam.

By: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary...✐

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