Paschima Namaste: Greeting behind Your Back Posture - From Tadasana's Posture 1

Paschima Namaste: Greeting behind Your Back Posture - From Tadasana's Posture 1
Greeting behind Your Back Posture - Tadasana 2

PASCHIMA NAMASKAR = salutation/greeting behind your back (also known as “secret prayer”) This asana (posture) requires considerable flexibility in the shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. It opens the shoulders, improves the general posture, and helps reducing depression as the hands pressure against the heart chakra (Anahata chakra) Hold it for a max of 1 minute, keep breathing evenly.

How to
  1. Stand in your bare feet in Tadasana on an even, uncovered surface. Gently turn your arms in and out a few times. Take them behind you and join your fingertips, pointing them to the floor. Rest your thumbs on your lower back. Move your elbows back and rotate your wrists, so that your fingertips turn and point first toward your back, and then upward.
  2. Press your palms together, and move them up your back until they are between your shoulder blades. Keep your palms joined from the base to the fingertips. Push your elbows down, to stretch your upper arms and chest. Focus on keeping your chest and armpits open. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Breathe evenly.
  • Boost confidence and relieve symptoms of depression with this radical shoulder opener. if you are unable to get your hands in this position without a lot of pain then try Baddha hastasana below. Try to stay up to a minute or even 5!
  • A note on pain, "good pain" is felt while you are in the pose but goes away immediately after you come out.  "Bad" pain feels like nerve pain and doesn't go away after the pose ends.

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