Krishna- a trickster love

Krishna’s magnetic smile and his graceful dance filled the gopis with pure love and they wanted him
as their husband. When someone desires God, then all worldly desires get destroyed like burnt grains.
                 One night, Krishna played his flute and every gopi thought that she was being called.On seeing them, Krishna said, ‘O faithful women, why have you come here at night? It is not right for young girls and boys to meet at night. Please go back to your husbands.’ Shocked by this strange greeting, the gopis retaliated with a tongue-in-cheek rejoinder.Decorated with vanamala, a garland of forest flowers, Krishna sang with the gopis and they reached the banks of the Yamuna.

                   But Krishna suddenly disappeared. The wailing gopis asked the trees in the forest if they had seen Krishna. When the gopis saw two sets of footsteps in the sand, which merged and then disappeared, they concluded that one among them had escaped with Krishna it was most likely Radha.she cried, ‘O beloved, I am unable to walk. Please carry me to wherever it pleases you’.

                    Krishna responded, ‘Well, dear, then i'll carry you. While going Radha asked Krishna that she want a bunch of flowers which was at the top of the tree. Krishna said Well climb on my shoulders and take. But when she climbed Krishna told to hold the branches of the tree tightly and as soon as he said this Krishna disappeared. Now Radha was Hanging in the tree and said ‘O most beloved! Where are you?’ When other gopis heard Radha’s cry, they rushed to her. After hearing her story, they concluded that Krishna was a trickster. Then they all chased the footprints deep into the forest but stopped midway when they realised that Krishna might go deeper into the forest and get hurt: ‘Our mind reels to think that your tender feet may be hurt by the rough ground.’

                 Seeing their self-surrender, Krishna reappeared amidst them. One gopi held his hands to prevent him from disappearing; another placed her shoulder on his arms, and yet another looked at him in reproach.

 Suddenly, there were as many Krishnas as there were gopis. Every gopi thought that her beloved Krishna was with only her.As they danced with their bangles and anklets making melodious music, the moon forgot to give way to the sun and stretched to six months of Brahma’s night. After all, the sun had not moved for six months when Rama was born in the afternoon. The moon’s had taken revenge on the sun!. The rasa never ends as the Sri Radha Rasa Vihari dance continues eternally though not visible to the eyes of the world.

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