A matchless story of magical love.......

This month being a month of love and tomorrow a day of love here is a love story from our favourite romantic hero KRISHNA .......

                          when Krishna returns to Brindavan, years after his departure to Mathura. Krishna goes to the banks of river Yamuna and sees Radha , seated under a lush green tree, totally immersed in joyfull contemplation....Eyes half closed !

                      Krishna approaches radha and calls out her name, in a love-filled nostalgic voice. Radha opens her eyes, which feast on the charming form of her beloved krishna. Her calm countenance, her moist eyes conveyed the deep love, she had nurtured for Krishna in her tender heart.
"Radha, I have come back", Krishna
                      Radha gets up from her posture, rushes towards the stream and gathers the cystal clear, cool waters of Yamuna in her palms....comes close to the pole star of her life, Krishna and says," My dearest lord ! the King of my heart, When you are present in every single drop of these waters, when you are present in every leaf on this tree, when you pervade every atom of this creation, where is the question of you returning back. You were always with me" Krishna answers," Radha, I am immensely pleased with you. Ask for whatever you want and it shall be granted".It was a blank cheque."Krishna, I dont need anything, I am contented"After repeated persuassions for a prayer, Krishna finally said," I know You must be yearning for my love...Pray for my love, it shall be granted" With a meaningfull glance and a slight smile, Radha answered,"Krishna ! I wouldnt pray for even that. Because I love you unconditionally and it doesnt matter whether i am reciprocated in love or not.... I am eternally yours!"

Hearing this, Krishna sank to his knees , held Radha's hands close to his heart and said "For the first time, the creator is fully on the recieving end from his creation".Since she had chosen not to marry (being eternally married to the Lord), she was an outcast in the society of those days. She was not welcome into any village due to this stigma. She spent her time on the banks of the Yamuna. As she lied down during her last moments on earth, she thought of Sri Krishna. Very soon, HE was there next to her. HE held her head on HIS lap as she approached her last moments. "What is it that you desire?", HE asked Radha. "I wish to listen to the melody of your flute again", she replied. (Swami said 'How can HE get the flute there? HE was coming in directly from Kurukshetra".) But, Krishna plucked a grass from the shore and it soon turned into a flute. HE played the flute for her.

As she listened to this beautiful melody, the life left her body. Krishna stopped playing.
Swami said that she died on HIS lap. And, from that day, Krishna never played on the flute ever again.

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