Three modes of Vedic Food

Food for the Soul According to Vedic philosophy, the material world there are three modes, or the three qualities of material nature. It sattva (goodness), rajas (passion) and Tamas (ignorance). They are characterized by all of the objects and processes that surround us. Immersed in this knowledge, look in your refrigerator, and you know where is your type of food - in a smooth state of happiness, immense activity or decline.

Sattvic food gives a person so much energy, flavors and vitamins as necessary to his life. It is usually of vegetable origin, and a natural sweet taste. For goodness food is milk and nearly all fruits (particularly mangoes, figs, grapes), fruit (cherry, raspberry, blueberry) and nuts. Rajasic food (very spicy foods) prompts us to action, shakes, sverhenergiey charges. It helps us to move forward in spite of obstacles and achieve their goals. But on the other hand, in a state of Rajas the mind of man is restless, and excessive emotions. Of the three modes is considered to be the most negative Tamas. 

The Vedas say that Tamasic products are on the way of human degradation and destruction, lulling his mind. By the tamasic foods usually referred mushrooms, root vegetables, meat, fish, canned food, and any spoiled food. If a vegetable grows without direct access to the sun, it is considered tamasic, for example, the potato - it grows under the ground, and then it Tamas more than sattvic oranges and apples that ripen in the sun. However, if the fetus grows under the ground, but the taste is sweet (carrot or beet), then Tamas less as sweet - a sign of sattva. Also Tamasic products are those that have passed the so-called fermentation or any other type of treatment comprising the processes of fermentation and decomposition. It falls into this category, even an ordinary yeast bread, and many types of cheese. But here again we recall that the whole point Tamasic degree.

Wheat is considered sattvic product, but Tamas dough from wheat flour add the yeast. So if you want you can just go to the unleavened bread. As for the cheese - here it is necessary to pay attention to what this is and how the cheese is cooked. Milk is initially completely sattvic product, so even yogurt and cheese are considered to be gracious, despite the fermentation process required for their manufacture. But it is logical that fermented cheese (paneer), will be more sattvic than brie with mold. Any food long-term storage is considered stale, and thus does not nourish our body and mind plunges into ignorance.

This is especially true of canning, pickling and salting. In the Russian context to imagine life without it is impossible for the winter preparations. But there is one way to store food, which is considered the blessed - is drying, preferably in direct sunlight. Dry fruits and vegetables in summer and autumn, take care of before the winter, and add to the dish. Remember that the information on the three modes in food should be taken as food for thought, and not as a guide to the unfailing action - in colder climates and substantial loads the human body will be very difficult to survive without rajasic and tamasic food, so the question of choice of food should be treated thoroughly, taking into account your ayurvedic constitution, the season, the level of daily stress, etc., be sure to listen to the needs of your body, to how It affects your condition or that food.

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