Satvic Food - Vedic ancient approach help our health today?

The yogic approach to food is to consider eating and health as influenced by the gunas or tendencies. There are three gunas: satva, raja, and tama.  Satva is quiet and blissful and promotes enlightenment.

Raja is energetic.  Tama is lethargic.  The yogic diet is generally to eat food that promotes satva guna also called satvic food.

Satvic food includes  fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt.  Honey is also satvic.

Satvic foods are fresh and unadulterated.  Yogis can determine if a food is satvic or not by feeling the effect on the body and the energy system.  In the west, we might refer to this diet as lacto-vegetarianism but note also that the fresh and unadulterated quality means that many processed foods would not be considered satvic.  People who eat only satvic foods have clear eyes, beautiful skin, abundant personal energy, and have the physical baseline necessary for yoga, meditation, and spiritual development.

Taking some of the fruits and vegetables in the pictures and making a smoothie will produce a satvic meal.

The thing is, my friend in the previous post that is carrying that extra weight has to face numerous complications to get a satvic meal.  If one is available at a driveup window anywhere, I want you to share it in the comments.  I will go to that driveup!  In my last post, we talked about high fructose corn syrup and the problems it causes.  HFCS is not satvic.  It is not fresh.  It is made from genetically modified corn.  Generally, corn that is organically grown and picked and eaten fresh would be a satvic food.  Genetically modified corn, corn grown with pesticides and herbicides is not satvic.  Any product baked or in a box or can made with corn or a corn derivative is not satvic.

There is an additional wrinkle to this for yogis.  In order for food to be satvic, it must be prepared by a satvic person, someone who meditates regularly and uses care in handling and preparing the food.

How is my friend supposed to live in society and do a regular guy job?  How is he supposed to be able to be with family and friends and live his life?  How can he do these things and get satvic food?

An additional problem.  Milk products are on the list.  Are the dairy products in the stores satvic?  More on this later.

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