How to behave and Give Respect to Your Parents

Greet your parents by bowing down and touching their feet

Greet your parents and other elder persons in the family by bowing down and touching their feet.

Our great Hindu culture teaches us that ‘मातृदेवो भव । पितृदेवो भव ।’, meaning, ‘Mother and father are like God’.

Give Respect to Your Parents
Give Respect to Your Parents
Some great men who served their parents

Shravankumar : Shravankumar served his blind parents incessantly and tirelessly. When his parents expressed their wish to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi, he immediately started preparing for the journey. He arranged for a bamboo lath with slings at each end. He made use of it to carry his parents to Kashi. No conveyance; all the journey on foot.

Bhagawan Shriram : Shriram sincerely obeyed the order of his step-mother Kaikayi, and set off for an exile in the forest for 14 years, handing over the charge of the Kingdom of Ayodhya to his younger brother, Bharat. He also kept the promise of His father thereby.

Bhakta (devotee) Pundalik : Services rendered by Pundalik to his parents were as good as a penance. Lord Vitthal too was overwhelmed by his penance and He came to meet Pundalik. When Shri Vitthal entered his house, Pundalik was busy in serving his parents. So, he threw a brick towards Shri Vitthal  and requested Him to stand on it till he comes.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj : Whenever Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj met his mother Jijamata, he used to salute her by bowing down before her. He always listened to her advice and act accordingly. Shivaji always took his mother's blessings before going out for any battle.

Reward for rendering service to parents wholeheartedly

                                   'Our Scriptures say, ‘Serving parents is the best penance’.

तुष्टायां मातरि शिवे तुष्टे पितरि पार्वति ।
तव प्रीतिर्भवेद्देवि परबह्म प्रसीदति ।।
महानिर्वाणतन्त्र, उल्लास ८, श्लोक २६

Meaning : Bhagawan Shankar says, “O, Parvati, You bless those who serve their parents. Even Parabramha (Supreme God) is pleased with such a jiva (embodied soul).”

Never hurt your parents

Parents suffer many hardships for their children. They always try to see that their children have a happy childhood and get good education; but some children do not realise all this and answer  back  them many times. This hurts the parents a lot. Hurting parents amounts to hurting God only. So children, avoid hurting your parents and behave lovingly with them. Always be grateful to them for all that they have done for you.

Obey your parents

Mother always prepares eatables which her children like. She always takes care of all the likes and dislikes of her children. When children are sick, mother takes care of them and at times, she even remains awake throughout  the night to look after the sick child. She is least bothered about herself while doing all this. She always thinks about her children first. Father works hard to earn money to fulfil all the needs of the household. He provides everything that is demanded by his children.

Children should give a thought to all these things and contemplate, ‘Do I listen to my parents wholeheartedly ?’

Children, it is impossible to repay our parents for whatever they do for us. In order to repay them a little, you should listen to them sincerely and always obey and respect them.

Express your love for parents through your actions
Children do love their parents; but it should also be expressed through actions. Parents become very happy when children express their love through actions. Given below are some examples of expressing your love through actions.

Serving water to parents when they come home from outside : Children, how many of you offer your parents water when they come home from outside ? How many of you tell your mother, ‘Why don't you take it yourself ?’ even when she asks for a glass of water. This is very improper on your part. Parents are tired when they come from outside. If you serve them water immediately, they feel good.

Helping parents in their work : Help your mother in the household work by getting flour from the flour-mill, buying vegetables from the market. Do it as your duty towards the family and do not ask for any chocolate or other eatables as a reward for helping her.

Do other chores in the house : Do simple chores such as laying the table before meals, washing and keeping utensils in their proper place, disposing left-over food after the meal, wiping the table, making beds for everyone, pressing parents' legs at night.


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