Yoga Nidrasana - Yogic Sleep pose

‘Yoga nidra’ means yogic sleep; it means state in between sleep and awareness, where ones eyes were closed, but he can know the past, present and future by inner eye. As by yogi’s belief, this posture helpful to get that state. So this posture called as yoga nidrasana.

1. This posture helpful for kidneys, liver and pancreas to increase their efficiency.
2. Yoga nidrasana is one of the good postures to prevent prostate disorder.
3. This posture is considered as the most advanced forward bending posture, its gives good exercise to the back and full body.
4. This posture practice raises the body temperature, so the yogis doing Sadhana in cold places likeHimalaya practicing this posture to survive in cold places.


1. After-getting mastering over most forward bending postures only tries to start this posture practice.

2. This posture should do with very care and only healthy people can do this posture, so tell all your health status to your Teacher, before starting this posture.

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