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Lord balaji
On the request of Sowanka and other sages, Sootha maharshi narrated them the story of Sri Venkateswara. Sage Narada who will always be moving from one place to another entered Sathya Loka and saluted his parents Barahama and Saraswathi told Brahma that after Krishna Avatar, Sri Hari did not go to Bhooloka again and therefore, it has become a hell, as innocent are teased by the wicked. They therefore decided that time has come when God has to appear again on earth and restore Dharma. Narada descended to Bhooloka and decided that Brighu Maharshi would conduct test as who among Trimurtis will bear the Yagna effect. Accordingly Brighu Maharshi first went to Satyaloka where Brahma was explaining the Vedas to several eminent rishis seated there.

When, Brighu Maharshi occupied the throne without showing any respect and without saluting, Brahma lost his temper and chided Brighu. Brighu got down from the throne and cursed Brahma saying "YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY TEMPLE IN THE EARTH AND NONE WILL WORSHIP YOU".
Brighu, then went to Kailash where Shiva was in privacy with his wife Parvathi. Enraged Siva took his Trisool to finish Brighu but stopped on the intervention of Parvathi. Brighu in his turn also cursed Siva saying, "YOU WILL BE WORSHIPPED IN THE TEMPLE ON EARTH IN THE SHAPE OF "LINGA" INSTEAD OF YOUR REAL SHAPE", and left to Vaikuntham to request Maha Vishnu to bear the Yagna effects.

Maha Vishnu though aware of the arrival of Brighu pretended to be innocent resting on the Sesha Sayanam and Maha Laxmi sitting near his feet pressing them. Recalling the maltreatment meted out to him at Sathyaloka and Kailash, Brighu rushed towards Maha Vishnu and kicked him on his chest with right foot. Without showing any annoyance, Vishnu pinched the third eye that was embedded in Brighu's right foot with the result, he lost his power and pride. Repented Brighu then explained the purpose of his visit. Sri MahaVishnu promised to receive the benefit of Yagna being conducted by the eminent sages on the banks of Ganga at the appropriate time. Lakshmi who was witnessing all these acts however got angry with her husband especially because, he tended such a rude person who dishonored her by kicking in the chest of Maha Vishnu where she lived. When Lakshmi left Vaikuntham there was no pleasure and pomp. Maha Vishnu became helpless. He ran helter and skelter in search of Lakshmi without food and sleep and atlast reached Tirupati and took shelter in a Valmikam (anthill) at the Adi Varsha's shrine meditating for the return of Lakshmi.

Narada came to know the separation and the dwelling places of Lakshmi, at Kolhapur and of Maha Vishnu at Venkatachalam. Narada as directed by Brahma met her and narrated how Sri Hari is starving for food and much reduced. Worried Lakshmi prayed Brahma and Shiva and the three decided to take the shape of a cow, a calf and a cow-herd woman. As a cow-herd woman Lakshmi sold the cow and the calf to Chola King. In the guise of cow Brahma daily gave rain of milk to Sri Hari and returned home with no drop of milk.

The Chola Queen who desired to feed her child with the milk from the new cow suspected that the cow-herd boy of stealing the milk and ordered him to bring the milk of the new cow at any cost next day. With a fear of severe punishment the cow-herd boy followed the cow and saw at Valmiki it is raining milk through her breast. The cow-herd boy burst into anger and took his axe and tried to hurt the animal. Sri Hari immediately came out of the Valmiki (anthill) and saved the cow and bore that blow on his head and started bleeding profusely. The Chola King seeing the sprinkles of blood on the cow reached Valmiki and after hearing sighing sound from there found Maha Vishnu in a pool of blood. On seeing the Chola King Maha Vishnu got wild and cursed him to become a ghost as he got the wound through his cow-herd. Chola King begged for pardon. Maha Vishnu relented and gave him a boon to reborn in the same family as Akasa Raju. He pitied cow-heard boy and gave him a boon that his generation to have the first Darshan of the Lord in his temple. Jaya and Vijaya who were the guards at the entrance of Vaikuntham became Harinyaksha and Hiranyakasipu with the curse of Sanakasada nanda and other Sages.

Hiranyaksha was very cruel and troubling innocent people. Mahavishnu therefore took the form of white pig (Varaham) and diving into the sea killed Hiranyaksha and brought the earth up which he rolled it as a mat and hid in the Pathala loka.

The foster Mother of Lord Krishna, Yasoda Devi though tended him as a child never witnessed his marriages. Lord Krishna consoled her and promised to create an opportunity in Kaliyuga. Yasoda, therefore was born as Vakuladevi and became a devotee of Varaha Swamy. Sri Hari with a wounded head was wandering in the woods in search of a suitable medicine. On the advice of Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas who met him in the forest, went in search of a fig tree to apply its milk mixing it with the other herbs to the wound and chanced upon to hear Sri Krishna Bhajana and walked towards the cottage crying in pain "mother" "mother". Vakuladevi heard the call, and after fondly enquiring applied the medicine, fed him with some fruits and milk, and named him as Srinivasa. Sri Hari revealed to her his previous birth as Lord Krishna. Overjoyed, she bathed him and took to Varaha Swamy. On his request Varahaswamy gave him 100 sqft of land with a promise that all the pilgrims to Tirupati first visit his Temple, then have Darshan of Sri Venketeswara. The image of Sri Venkateswara is self manifest (Swayambhu) and not prepared by any mortal.

The celebrated temple of Sri Venkateswara stands on a hill named Venkatadri. It is very difficult to determine the date of this temple. Inscriptions found in the temple only refer to its renovation, rebuilding and addition made to the main temple. The earliest inscription found at Tirumala records the birth of Bana Prince named Vijayaditya who ruled during the half of the 9th Century A.D. The first mention of the temple on the hill is to be found in an inscription assignable to 970 A.D. A renovation made in the 13th Century was done as to preclude a view of the original Sanctum. From then onwards the rulers who ruled the place and devoted to the Lord made several gifts and offerings and structural changes whenever necessary.

In the Bhagavad-gita (2.44), Lord Krishna says, “In the minds of those who are too attached to sense enjoyment and material opulence, and who are bewildered by such things, the resolute determination for devotional service to the Supreme Lord does not take place”.

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