Abhishek or Abhishekam - the power to attract divine cosmic energy

Abhishek or Abhishekam

According to Sanatana Dharma, India's ancient spiritual tradition, certain ritual practices have the power to attract divine cosmic energy for the benefit of the practitioner, his or her household, and the world at large. Two of the most powerful practices include homas and pujas that include abhishekas.

Significance of Abhishekam of some of the items:
  • PANCHAGAVYAM - Removes all sins 
  • PANCHAMRUTHAM - Gives wealth
  • GHEE- Gives Moksha state
  • MILK - Gives long life
  • CURD - Gives Good Children
  • HONEY - Melodious voice
  • RICE POWDER - Frees from debts
  • SUGAR CANE JUICE - Gives good health and removes enmity
  • LIME JUICE - Removes fear of death
  • TENDER COCONUT JUICE - Gives enjoyment and full satisfaction in life
  • COOCKED RICE (ANNAM) - Gives Majestic life
  • SANDAL PASTE - Gives Sri Lakshmi's Grace
  • SUGAR - Removes enmity
Abhisheka for Lord Shiva
Abhisheka is a part of the worship of Lord Siva. Without it, the worship is incomplete. It is the ceremonial bathing of the Siva Lingam in Siva temples.

A pot made of copper or brass, with a tiny hole in the centre, is kept hanging over the image or Lingam of Siva. The water drips (falls) on the image throughout the day and night. Pouring water, milk, ghee (clarified butter), curd, honey or coconut water over the Lingam is also Abhisheka. Whilst this is done, the Rudram is chanted loudly with devotion and love. Lord Siva is invoked by performing this Abhisheka.

Monday is a very important day for worshipping Lord Siva. The thirteenth day (Pradosha) of the bright and dark fortnights is also considered sacred. On these days, devotees of Lord Siva offer special worship with plenty of prasad.

The water of the Abhisheka is considered very sacred. It is known to grant great benefits on the devotees who take it as the Lord’s prasad. It purifies the heart and destroys countless sins. You should take it with intense faith and devotion.

When you perform Abhisheka with devotion, your mind is concentrated. Your heart is filled with divine thoughts and with the image of the Lord. You forget your body and your surroundings. Egoism vanishes. When the body is forgotten, you begin to enjoy and taste the eternal bliss of Lord Siva. The recitation of Mantras during the Abhisheka purifies the mind.

The greatest and the highest Abhisheka is to pour the waters of pure love on the Lingam in the lotus of the heart. The external Abhisheka with objects is intended to lead to this internal Abhisheka, wherein there is a flow of pure love.

The sacred prasad of the Lord and the holy water of the Abhisheka purify the heart if taken with faith and devotion. They can bring peace and prosperity.

Incurable diseases are cured by performing Abhisheka. It bestows health, wealth, prosperity, peace of mind and purity of heart. It expands the heart. It calls for self-sacrifice and self-surrender. There must be a natural feeling in the heart. "I am Thine, my Lord. All is Thine, my Lord."

Significance of Abhishekam
Abhishekam involves the pouring of various liquids like milk, ghee and honey in a steady stream over a murti (idol), while specific Sanskrit mantras are recited. As the offerings are gently poured over the murti, divine blessings radiate out towards all those present, providing protection, purification, and spiritual 


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