Shirangushthasana - Sideways Bend towards the Toes


Starting Position: Standing

Concentration: on balance

Breath: coordinated with the movement

Repetitions: 3 times to each side

Practice: Stand with legs wide apart. Body is straight and shoulders relaxed. >Inhaling deeply, bring the arms behind the back and grasp one wrist with the other hand. At the same time turn the upper body and the right foot to the right. >Exhaling bend the right knee and the upper body forward, so that the nose or forehead touches the floor beside the right big toe. The left leg should remain as straight as possible and does not touch the floor. >Inhaling come upright. >Exhaling return to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise on the left side.

Benefits: Strengthens the body and nerves. Maintains and increases flexibility of the spine and hips. Stimulates blood supply to the pelvic organs and digestive function. Increases blood supply to the head. Strengthens the thigh muscles and improves leg stability.

Caution: Avoid this Asana with problems of the hip, knee or ankles, after abdominal surgery, high blood pressure or dizziness.

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