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Akashi Mudra - Looking to the Sky

The counterpose to Jalandhara Bandha Starting Position:  Meditation Pose Concentration:  on the Vishuddhi Chakra and Sahasrara Chak...

The counterpose to Jalandhara Bandha
Starting Position: Meditation Pose
Concentration: on the Vishuddhi Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra
Breath: inhale deeply and hold the breath
Repetitions: 3–5 rounds
Practice: Inhale deeply and bend the head backwards. Look up. >Retain the breath as long as comfortable and return to the starting position with the exhalation. >Breathing normally remain for some time in meditation pose.
Benefits: This Mudra influences the Vishuddhi Chakra, activates the thyroid gland and balances the Nadis. As this Mudra blocks energy coming from lower centres and guides energy down from the Sahasrara Chakra, it calms and uplifts the thoughts.
Caution: Never perform Akashi Mudra while standing, only when sitting. The head should not be bent back too far if there are problems of the cervical spine or a tendency to become dizzy.


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