Uddyiana Bandhasana ,The Stomach Lift, Abdominal Lift

Method: The stomach lift really consists of two separate exercises.
First exercise. While standing with your feet about a foot apart and your knees slightly bent, lean forwards a little from the waist and place your hands just above your knees. Inhale deeply by pushing your abdomen forwards, and then exhale by pushing your stomach in. Don't take another breath; instead, push in your stomach even more, so that it becomes hollow, and hold your breath for about ten seconds.

Second exercise: Do the same as above but, instead of holding your Stomach in after exhaling, rapidly push your stomach in and out ten times without taking another breath. Stand up straight and resume normal breathing.


1. This asana massages and tones up the internal organs in the abdominal area.

2. It also massages the heart, making it a stronger, more effective pump. Your circulation will improve and you will have less chance of having a heart attack.

3. It relieves constipation, gas, indigestion and liver trouble.

4. It tones up the nerves in the solar plexus region.

5. It reduces abdominal fat and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

6. It helps the correct functioning of the adrenal glands and sex glands.

7. It develops spiritual force.

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Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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