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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chhattisgarh Lord Shiva Temples

  • Bastar Dt.
    • Bhairamdeogarhi - Ardhanarisvara Image (Bhiram Deo Temple)
    • Samlur - Karli Mahadev Temple

  • Bilaspur Dt.
    • Arbhar - Arbhar Temple (Siva Temple)
    • Malhar - Pateleswar Mahadev temple including all ancient remains of other temples closeby
    • Pali - Mahadev Temple
    • Tuman - Remains of a very ancient (Mahadev) temple

  • Durga Dt.
    • Deobaloda - Old ruined sandstone Siva Temple

  • Raipur Dt.
    • Narayanpur - Mahadev Temple including math of Bairagi and Mandapa

  • Rajnandgaon Dt.
    • Gandai - Old Siva temple

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