Tatiana Klochkova: Yoga is not a Sect

Tatiana Klochkova

Yoga is so long and firmly established in our lives that has ceased to be something exotic. In large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, many yoga centers, a set of directions, classes and seminars - just go! However, in the small towns of yoga is still a somewhat biased. Take, for example, Sergiev Posad outside Moscow. On the difficulties, problems and prospects of the Vegetarian spoke with Tatiana Klochkova, head of the Center 'Surya', a teacher of Iyengar yoga method. 

Tatiana, you become a yoga instructor, what started your way? 

After graduating, I was swimming coach, has also taught at fitness centers in Moscow and the Moscow region, and for the diversity of its practice, I decided to take up yoga. At first it was purely professional side. One day, on the site of the Academy of fitness I saw an ad about the courses on yoga. She came to the class to the teacher Igor Litvinov from the center of «Yoga-Practika». So there was my first introduction to yoga, and I'm very glad that it happened exactly with the Iyengar method. Almost immediately I began to try to teach in this tradition, went to teacher training in «Yoga-Practika», but it was more a fitness yoga course. Then my personal practice has become deeper.

What attracted just Iyengar method? There was no desire to change schools? 

One day soon I got with this direction. Of course, I went to other areas, as a general development, but for myself I realized that in order to teach other Iyengar method - the best. It is available to all, regardless of age and health, there's even a complex and critically ill.

Not once people come to yoga as a deep practice. First of all, cling to the popular destinations and do not understand why they are doing it. Yoga is designed primarily for health, which would strengthen and improve it. Any its direction and the school.

How can send a novice to a true understanding of the practice of yoga? 

All, of course, depends on the first teacher of their skill and knowledge. In the future, all in the hands of man. I believe that for the promotion of yoga should be entertainment, people that used to attract, capture, display, what you can aspire to. The goal can be simple to begin with - to learn how to do a headstand, for example. Then, when the practitioner begins to do more, he begins to understand more of what is really yoga. Gradually becomes aware of the spiritual practices of the body to the soul, yoga is the same - a unity of soul, body and mind.

Is it difficult to promote a deep yoga in a small town? Sergiev Posad, although it is not far from the capital, but not Moscow. 

Yes, you're right. Moscow or St. Petersburg, say, a dynamic city. In the outback people calmer, more skeptical. I think eventually that wave of popularity of yoga will reach us, and people will realize it is not as fast as in the capital, of course. It is important to emphasize that the conditions of life, we have other, more income. Many people stopped watching because of this, which of course is sad. However, asking for tapes, books - it's good, even though people continue to do so. And then Sergiev Posad is one of the centers of Orthodox Russia. Until now, there is a perception that yoga - it is a religion, we bring down the Christians astray mantras and meditations. This is impeding development. But I note that the practice of yoga - especially spiritual practice for spiritual people. I am a believer, I visit a church. If people want to achieve something in yoga, they have to believe in God, to set high goals.

What are the ways to break through that wall of skepticism and distrust, in your opinion? 

This should be gradually and methodically bring to the people to explain. Here is an example of life: my mother, a very religious woman, told the priest that goes to my class - it hurt your feet, and yogaterapiya help. The priest threatened that she would go to hell. This is nonsense! Recall that when the president was Dmitri Medvedev (and he is practicing) Patriarch Kirill officially declared that yoga can be engaged, as in, say, exercise, not only Orthodox meditate.

Tell us a little about the "Surya". When and how did the idea of such a center in Sergiev Posad? 

When I became actively practice and teach, then wondered why we in the city may not be such a center, fitness club also has appeared! After all, to go to Moscow, that would do - very hard! Fortunately, there was a man who decided to invest in the opening of the center. Of course, we expected that practitioners will be more ... I hope the situation will improve, we have to pay off our investor, because the direction of Iyengar expensive for employment need special equipment. But most of all goes to rent.

Is there a problem of "lack of personnel"? 

Teachers, we can say, "grow" themselves. Yes, come and those who flipped through a couple of times «Yoga Journal». But I have all sent for training in «Yoga-Practika», it is because we specialize in the Iyengar method. I was the first who started to practice according to this method and the other is tightened. But there is in our heart and ashtanga and kundalini.

What are the goals and objectives set itself the center 'Surya'? 

Our main goal - to develop a therapeutic approach of yoga. Now open new classes of training courses for labor and a traditional Indian massage Abhyanga. We have a highly qualified specialist in oil massage is a promising direction for the development. In Sergiev Posad this yet.

Very interesting and useful course will prepare for childbirth: it will also include yoga for pregnant women, and psychological training, and child care. The new teacher-obstetrician, she defended her dissertation on the topic. 

We also want to open a second group of children's yoga, but for the students. After bending posture - a scourge for schools! The main thing - to explain to parents that yoga is not a sect, nothing terrible will happen to the child, and will only benefit.

At the center we have a small shop natural Indian beauty. We work directly with Indian companies deliver a quality product. And I must say, come to us for cosmetics and materials for yoga not only our students. Word of mouth - our main advertising and information support.

Is it difficult to be an innovator in the small town? 

Well, of course, it's hard! Again, the people here are wary of anything new. Our center "Surya" - is not a business, and this, as I say, charity. Hard for. Strong competition from fitness centers, and our teachers are working there - you need the same and earn money. But there is no deep penetration into yoga, there is hard to develop therapeutic approach. Centre 'Surya' - it's still a different world.

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