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The first chakra is a positive pole, shown physically  by the way it “sticks out” from the body. A man’s energy is naturally centered here and this chakra ignites desire for intercourse. This is where a man needs to feel loved. A loving touch will awaken the god residing in the Lingam and open the man’s heart.
The second chakra is a more Yin, or receptive polarity of energy.

The third chakra is a positive pole. It is the seat of the soul. When a man radiates the power and strength of love from his solar plexus, the woman can receive it in her own third chakra, fulfilling a deep longing within her to be overtaken by male strength.

The fourth chakra is a receptive, Yin polarity.
The fifth chakra is a positive pole. From here emanates the creative expression of truth that arises from equilibrium of the first four chakras. As the woman’s fifth chakra receives this energy, her love lifts to spiritual heights.

The sixth chakra is a receptive, Yin polarity.

The seventh chakra is beyond polarity. It is both Yin and Yang, and open to the supreme unity of male and female qualities.

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