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TANTRA - the zero point energy theory

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. According to Eastern Mystical tradition, every person has seven chakras – centers of en...

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. According to Eastern Mystical tradition, every person has seven chakras – centers of energy spinning like wheels, enabling pure life force to be absorbed. The chakras are along the central channel that runs vertically up the body from the coccyx to the top of the head. These seven chakras hold the secret of how to attain awakened consciousness or spiritual liberation.

The seeker of truth aspires to move on an inner journey through his or her chakra system, clearing energy stagnation and opening each center to each center to its refined potential. Once this has been achieved in all seven chakras, the seven different frequencies of energy from the chakras merge, in the same way that the seven colors of light from the spectrum merge to create white light. This merging of the chakra energies leads to a state of consciousness called “enlightenment”, or Mahamudra. The human being no longer relates to the world through a fragmented energetic system but experiences the world through a sense of being one with all that is.

In quantum physics theory, there is a dimension of energy that travels faster than the speed of light and has no frequency. Formless, yet holding the potential for all form, it is known as “zero point energy“. From that dimension there is a step-down process into our world of matter and form. Pure life force energy (or Tachyon), which is linked to zero point energy, interfaces with matter by suffusing the subtle organizing energy field, or orbit, that exists around each particle of matter. A particle of matter infused with life force energy is able to expand into its potential of form.

Thus cosmic energy continuously forms and interacts with the whole of the material world. Another way of viewing this is to think of zero point energy as spirit, life of energy (Tachyon) as the messenger of spirit, and the subtle organizing energy field around each life form as the soul of matter.
Each chakra has a particular energy frequency and relates to the organs in the body that resonate with that frequency. These organs absorb and distill this energy, and then radiate it out as a particular quality. Depending on the consciousness of the individual, what is radiated out is either in tune with that person’s highest potential, or with energies that have yet to be purified in the alchemy of life.

Stagnation in a chakra is always associated with incomplete life experiences. Expression gets stuck in one way or another, and this leads to a blockage in the energy flow. There are many ways to open a flow in the chakra system, such as breath sessions, chakra massage, crystal healing, using Tachyonized products, Tantra meditation, and sessions using imagery and dialoguing.

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