168 YEARS OLD - HANUMAN DAS BABA JI of VRINDAVAN IN INDIA - THE HINDU PORTAL - Spiritual heritage Rituals and Practices

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Hanuman Das baba
Mathurabihari Of this baba's name is Hanuman Das baba lives in vrindavan he is More then 170 years old while doing vrindavan parikrama HH Indradyumna Swami having blessing that baba was born in jhansi in India around 1850 and leaved his home and came to vridavan Became devotee. he founded a wonderful Gosala of 1000 where cows are being served there. his Mother was serving the queen of jhansi who died in 1857 at que team he was present.

Jahnava Nitai Das : Once I asked this Baba how old he was. He Replied he could not remember his age, but Recalled he was 12 years old When Jhansi Rani fought the British. You can deduce his age from that. He would be around 168 years old. Also he has grown a second set of teeth, que something happens to some people after 100 years. I have seen and heard of many other babas who grew second sets of teeth after 100 years

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