American Journal of Infection Control has published a report warning hand-shake to be even more infectious than kissing.

Earlier also American health authorities had recommended greeting by folded hands instead of western style by shaking hands or kissing and endorsed Indian style of saying ‘namaste’ with folded hands for normal greetings.

It is one of many such glorious aspects of Hinduism, which are purely based on highly advanced scientific theories set by ancient saints after deliberate analysis.

Many similar aspects were fixed as religious rituals so as to be compulsorily followed by the commoners by our ancient saints. Even followers of Hinduism deviated from such scientific religious bindings because of multiple reasons like misuse of religious beliefs by selfish priests and blind following of western culture.

In larger interest of mankind, aspects of Hinduism should be analysed and popularised which can be best done by popularising Sanskrit, which has a wealth of hidden treasure for welfare of mankind.



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