Tantra for Couples Relations
We all know that the simple process of inhalation and exhalation is the very basis of our physical lives. Without this process, life is considered to have left the body. Most of the time, we are completely unaware of it. However, most people are also unaware of how the manner in which we breathe affects our mental and emotional state, as well.

In tantra breathing, we bring the normally unconscious process of breathing from the unknown into the known. We become aware of it, and learn to appreciate how this simple yet vital process affects us.  It is only when we become aware of how we breathe that we can understand just how many of our physical, mental and emotional processes are dictated by it.
Did you know that the way in which we breathe actually affects our sex life? Yes, it’s true. In fact, in learning the mysteries of tantra breath control and awareness-based respiration, you are getting closer and closer to mental, emotional and sexual mastery.

You may have heard of the time-honored ‘sexual aid’ known as the metronome. This simple instrument, which produces a steady, metered sound, has been used for centuries to ‘time’ the strokes in sexual intercourse. In tantra breathing, we use our breath in a similar way – to slow down the entire process and take control of the orgasmic reflex. It is also an important component of all tantra yoga exercises.

How will your sex life benefit from learning this science? The woman will begin to experience deeper, longer orgasms and also attain complete mastery over her natural prerogative of being multi-orgasmic. Likewise, a man who is trained in tantra breathing will never be plagued by premature ejaculation again. He will also be able to prolong the entire episode of sexual intimacy for indefinite periods.

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