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People who are not familiar with the practices of Tantric Yoga tend to think of it as a means of achieving extreme sexual gratification with a purely physical motivation. Tantra is not about wild orgies and sexual promiscuity. Tantric love is not pornographic or debasing- it is uplifting and life affirming.

Tantra is all about Spirituality and Love. With sexual energy being the most powerful Life Force, it is the energy that can best lead us to higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. Practicing Tantric Yoga teaches us how to harness that super powerful energy to help us achieve a deeply spiritual union with our partners and with the Universe.

Tantric Yoga helps in spiritual development because it provides a way to transform sexual energy into other energies to open up the chakras. Opening up the chakras promotes physical and spiritual health, and it helps us become more enlightened and blissful. It provides a Gateway to the Sacred and Divine. It puts us in touch with who we really are!

Through breathing techniques and body positioning while making love, a couple can transcend the physical world and unite with one another in the metaphysical, spiritual world. This is achieved by the couple uniting their respective masculine and feminine energies and becoming One with the Universe.

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