Eight Idols of Lord Shiva

Eight Idols of Lord Shiva

Eight Idols of the Lord Shiva:

There are eight idols of the Lord Shiva which includes :- 

1. Ugra, 
2. Sharva, 
3. Bhava, 
4. Rudra, 
5. Bheema, 
6. Pashupati, 
7. Ishan and 
8. Mahadeva. 

Ten fastidious incarnations of the God Shiva known as Dash Avatar and 10 incarnations of the Mata Sakti known as the Dash Mahavidya. Describing concerning to the 10 incarnations and their corresponding power (Shakti), the first incarnation of Lord Shiva was the Mahakal and Shakti was Mahakali. Second incarnation of both of them was Tar and Tara. 
     Third incarnation of both of them was Bhuvaneshwar and Bhuvaneshwari. Fourth incarnation was Shodash and Shodashi or Shri. Fifth incarnation was Bhairav and Bhairavi. The sixth incarnation was Chhinamastak and Chhinamasta. Seventh incarnation was Dhoomvan and Dhoomvati. The eighth incarnation was Baglamukh and Baglamukhi. The ninth incarnation was Matang and Matangi. Tenth incarnation was Kamal and Kamala.

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