Simple Teachings of the Faith that is without a Dogma

Simple Teachings of the Faith that is without a Dogma
The greatness of Hindu Dharma is its simplicity and its complexity at the same time. It permeates totally the life of every Hindu from the moment of his birth, throughout his life, whether he is a believer or not, whether a scholar or an illiterate. It is followed more as a way of life. However, Hindu Religion is a rare faith with very few "dogmas, do's, and don'ts."

It accepts the reality that all people, with the variations in their intellectual maturity, cannot understand and accept following the same path through the goal will be the same. It has many teachings showing the different spiritual paths available to various types of people. It permits the greatest freedom of worship, as each person is guided by his or her own spiritual experience.

Hindu Religion does not accept a single dogma or dictatorial religious guidance. It has tremendous tolerance for other religious faiths and beliefs. Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Geetha says, "Who-so-ever follows any faith and worships Me in the what-so-ever form with steadfastness and with devotion, his faith in that form shall I indeed reinforce". The religion permits worship and rituals in various forms for several Deities, though, every worshipper knows that he or she is offering the prayers only to the one great Almighty who will come to them in every form they pray.

Very few religions of the world have such a tolerant approach. Hinduism has attracted thinkers from all over the world through the ages. However, even educated Hindus are often unaware of what this religion really stands for or teaches, though many may do some prayers blindly following the traditions left by their family. A few hundred years of subjugation by alien rulers of Islamic and Christian faiths was only one of the several causes of this decline.

Bala N. Aiyer

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