Australian Indian mother launches kids book collection of 'Vedic Heroes' in Australia

A pharmacist is launching a series of picture books to connect families and raise cultural awareness on a global platform

Madhuri Soni, a pharmacist from Gold Coast, has authored a series of picture books, called the Vedic Heroes, to revive cultural learning and captivate the new generation. The first two books from the collection will be available from June 2019 through,, and other online retailers.

Skillfully written in rhythm and rhyme, the books impart key features about the prominent Hindu deities in a fun and interactive way. “My inspiration is my children,” says the debut author, “I wanted to introduce them to the many Vedic superheroes and create something that kids would feel proud to share with friends.”

“All the stories I have heard or read about Indian culture as a child are still with me and I want to explain it to my kids in a more modern way," she says.

"I feel Vedic Hero Ganesh or Hanuman’s story is much more interesting and engaging than Spiderman or Superman, but we have to realize that storytelling has to match with time and place.

"For last one year I was on maternity leave which gave me the opportunity to use my creative side to write a series of picture books on our Vedic Heroes," she says.
Vedic Heros is a collection of books introducing children to the most popular deities from the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures.

The books are presented in a poetic form, incorporating rhythm and rhyme, with brightly colored illustrations to engage the youngest of readers.

“For Indian Australian second or third generation child it will be more relatable to see God Ganesh on a surfboard than other things," she says.

"I have worked closely with an India based illustrator Abira Das to create visually engaging characters and fun, familiar scene designs," Ms. Soni told.

Madhuri says information presented within each book has been carefully researched from Vedic sources and compiled with simple language that is easy to comprehend for young children.


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