American Company #Wayfair Gets Slammed For Selling Bath Mats With Pictures Of Hindu Gods

In India, religious idols are treated with the utmost respect and even the slightest disrespect can invite the wrath of a million devotees. That's what one US company is dealing with after their marketing blunder.

The company called Wayfair in the US decided to put up an advertisement for a product called, 'Yoga Bath Mats' and it had images of Lord Shiva, Ganesh, and other Indian deities.

The Boston-based Wayfair that sells home goods, sold it for $38 and more, and described it as 'Yoga Asian Lord with Third Eye Bath Rug by East Urban Home', and 'Asian Face of Elephant Lord Bath Rug'.
How can you insult a hindu religion by making bath mats of Gods that's sacred to so many in the world? This is really disrespectful. These are just some examples #Wayfair its shameful that such thing is being allowed

In the past, too, there were complaints about Wayfair selling the Hindu Gods imprinted bath rugs.

Soon, there was outrage on social media and people lashed out at the fact that they hadn't learned their lesson despite having been reprimanded in the past.

Last year, Wayfair removed a cutting board carrying the image of Ganesha and apologized, after protests by Hindu activists.

Brands like Amazon have also faced flak for selling bath mats, floor mats and toilet covers depicting Lord Ganesha. According to sources, there's a petition with 156,000 signatures from people across the globe, protesting against the company's cultural appropriation.  __Indiatimes

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