Sadhvi Pragya alleges police torture, Breaks Down While Narrating Her Ordeal In Custody


Bhopal: A day after being named as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the Bhopal parliamentary constituency, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur on Thursday alleged police torture while she was in jail in connection with the Malegaon blast of 2008.

IN HER HINDI WORDS: "Itne gand gaali dete the peetey peetey, ulta latkatey thi kehte the tujhe nirvaas Karenge. Raat bhaar peetey peetey jab mere haath fatne lagt the aur unhone bhae hota tha ke pure faat jayenge, khoon aajaye th uss samay rook dete the. Balti mai garam paani latey the jisme namak hota tha aur humare haatho ke unpar dubotey the. Mujhe nahi pata tha ke iska karan kya hai aur kyun mujhe peta ja raha hai?
TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH: (They used to abuse me, hang me upside down. The used to say that we will disrobe you. The entire night they used to hit me until my hands became numb and would start to peel off. They would only stop if they felt that it will start to bleed. They used to bring hot salty water to immerse my hands. I had no clue as to why were they doing this? Why was I being subjected to such degree of torture.)

 Sadhvi Pragya alleged that she had had to face extreme torture during the time she spent in jail.
 Sadhvi Pragya alleged that she had had to face extreme torture during the time she spent in jail.
 Sadhvi Pragya alleged that she had had to face extreme torture during the time she spent in jail.
Speaking to members of the press, Sadhvi Pragya alleged that she had had to face extreme torture during the time she spent in jail. "Police kept me in illegal custody for 13 days. Right from the first day, without asking me anything, they hit me with belts. It was not easy to handle the torture. The whole body gets swollen, gets numb," she said. "I am not recounting my pain to you but what I am trying to say is that no woman should have to go through what I did. While hitting me, they used to abuse me."
IN HER HINDI WORDS: "Uska karan sirf itna tha ke vo kehlvana chatey the ke tumne vispot kiya hai aur muslism ko mara hai. Yeh unke rajneeti thi desh ko batne ke liye. Loog badal jatey the leken pitne wale mai sirf akele thi. Ek raat ek din pura peeta. Maine bhi soch rakha tha ke kuch na kuch bada karan hai. Aur jab unhone puchna shuru kiya tha kuch baat hi nahi thi. Tumne vispoot kiya vispoot kiya. Fir bola tum aatank vaasi ho, RSS aatankvadi hai. Phir boltey the ki tum kis kis se milte thi batao maine kaha mujhe kuch nahi pata. Mujhe samaj mai aagaya ke kahe na kahe Hindutava ko target kiya ja raha hai. Sanyasi jivan ko gaali de jaite hai. Mai mere nahi hoon, mera kuch nahi hai aur jo kuch bhi hai desh ka hai. Baas itna vichar karke mai peete thi".  
TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH: (They just wanted me to confess that I was behind the bomb blast and I had killed Muslims. They were playing politics and wanted to divide the country. People changed but I was still there getting hurt from their torture. Once, the entire night I was subjected to torture. But I assumed that there was a bigger reason behind this. And when they begin to question and investigate I had nothing to confess. They said, "you were behind the blast, you were!" Then they said you are a terrorist and RSS is a terror outfit. I used to say that I don't know. That's it. I understood that they are targeting Hindutva. They are abusing Sanyasi. I don't belong to myself but this country.)

Stating that the cops wanted her to admit that she had a role in the Malegaon blast which killed many members of the Muslim community,  Sadhvi Pragya said no effort was spared to get a forced confession from her. "They used to hit me all night. People who beat me used to change but the person being hit, me, remained the same," she said before breaking down.

With tears rolling down her eyes, Sadhvi Pragya went on to say that the brutality of the police force was inhumane.

This is not the first time that Sadhvi Pragya has lashed out against police forces. In 2014, she had made similar allegations while recounting torture at the hands of Maharashtra ATS and state police. She had also complained to the National Human Rights Commission at the time.

An accused in the Malegaon Blast case,  Sadhvi Pragya faces a number of charges although the charge under MCOCA has been dropped by an NIA court. She joined BJP earlier this week and has been named as the party candidate to fight Congress' Digvijaya Singh. Her selection has been widely seen as controversial with political rivals raising concerns aplenty.  __ZEE & R.

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