Amit Shah accused the Congress of maligning Hindus by coining phrases such as ‘Hindu terror’ and ‘saffron terror’

Mumbai: Addressing a rally in Nagpur, BJP president Amit Shah said that the Modi government's biggest success was that it had made India secure, which was not the case when the Congress-led UPA was in power. He also accused the Congress of maligning Hindus by coining phrases such as ‘Hindu terror’ and ‘saffron terror’.

Mr. Shah targeted the Congress party claiming that when the whole country was rejoicing over the air strike on a terror camp in Balakot, there was mourning only in Pakistan and in the Rahul Gandhi-led party. Taking a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s public rallies in Wayanad, Mr. Shah said that Mr. Gandhi’s rallies in Wayanad appeared like they were being organized in Pakistan.

“During the UPA rule, there would be no response to terror attacks. After the Pulwama terror attack, there was anger and despondency all over. But, the present government is not that of ‘mauni baba’ Manmohan Singh. On the 13th day of the Pulwama attack, the IAF (Indian Air Force) went deep inside Pakistan and destroyed terror camps,” Mr Shah said.

“When 40 jawans are martyred, should we not bomb the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack,” he asked.

Calling out the Congress president, he said, “Rahul baba… you can do ILU with the terrorists, but we will give eent ka jawab patthar se (strong response),” he said. Mr. Shah also referred to the acquittal of all the acc-used in the 2007 Sam-jhauta train blast case and accused the Congress of maligning Hindus by coining words like ‘Hindu terror’ and ‘saffron terror’.

Mr. Shah said, “Mr. Gandhi has defamed the Hindu religion all over the world. Even the court has stated that there is no such thing as Hindu terror. Rahul should apologize for defaming the Hindu religion by linking it to terror.”

Mr. Shah was campaigning for BJP leader Nitin Gadkari, who is contesting from the Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency. ___AsianAge


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