What Common Man thinks after the Pulwama attack, what can we do for our army ?

As a common man, we only can support our Army to kill them. After this horrible incident, all the countries are with us. It is not the case of 40 martyred but it is all about the all soldiers and their family. They protect us and all the country people. As per my point of view, the following are the points which can be considered for this Pulwama Attack and future Attack.

Army/government should punish them who brainwash them and make them as a terrorist. And if they caught then the government should punish them as soon as possible. In Kasab’s Case, it took several years.

All the political leaders must stand on one channel with the country in this kind of crisis. Let all the leaders sit for this cause and plan for action.

Our intelligence must be advanced and find them immediately. We all know that it is done by Jaish-e-Mohammad but we can’t do anything. All the terrorist came from Kashmir/Pakistan but we are not traceable them. At least, when the attack happened, all the agency should act immediately.

The army can take help from latest technologies like as IoT and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to trace all these things. I don’t know how but they can ask a large IoT company to do this.

Basically, this is a huge loss of their family and we always support them. Our blood is boiling but we can’t do anything. We are always standing with the all soldier and their families because they are fighting for us. We feel safe because of them. ___Neeraj Kumar

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