What is the reason behind keeping deepam in front of god?...Om


From Darkness to Light! From ignorance to enlightenment.In Hinduism this is one of the most important rituals...Om

scientific reason behind lighting deepam
In almost every Indian home, a ‘Lamp’ is lit daily – at least once, in front of the presiding deity.

All festivals, rituals and many social occasions like inaugurations - commence with the lighting of the lamp.

The lighting of ‘Lamp’ at home is considered auspicious as it brings prosperity and good health. Light also symbolizes knowledge.

The traditional oil lamp, with a cotton wick has a spiritual significance. The wick in the traditional oil lamp symbolizes ego and the oil symbolizes - our negative tendencies.

When lit by the spiritual knowledge, the negative tendencies (oil) slowly melt away and finally the ego (wick) also perishes.

Scientific Reason:  

In Burning 1 teaspoon of A2 Ghee releases 1 ton of oxygen.Helps in good breathe and a peaceful mind to the pray the God.

The light rays produces magnetic forces and change the atmosphere of the room and the air content in the room. The air which penetrates through the skin of the human body activate the nerves.

The electromagnetic force that settles on the skin still works for three hours so that it penetrates in the body and encourages the blood cells. It also chases away the diseases.

 The fire of diya lead to kill the germs in air.

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